All sweets are freshly prepared and hence limited in quantity. Please feel free to ask us for tea pairing recommendations when ordering. Please ask us for information about allergens, or if you have any dietary requirements.

The main focus of the tea house is to sit in and enjoy the atmosphere. There are, however, a selection of sweets (and a few drinks) available for take out. For take out customers, please queue to the right outside of the tea house. At busy times there may be a limit of items available to be purchased per customer, or long waiting times e.g. at the start of a reservation timeslot. Please consume all sweets within 48 hours, except for the nama choco box and gateau au chocolat which can last for up to 5 and 7 days respectively (in the fridge). The menu may change daily or weekly. Sometimes, there is a seasonal menu. Please refer to chalkboard when visiting the tea house.

Please note: Cha-ology is not a dessert house.