The tea house is RESERVATION ONLY. The tea house aims to provide a calm and peaceful atmosphere. It is not recommended to visit if the main purpose is chatting or photograph taking. 

Please be aware of the following when visiting Cha-ology:
★ Party size: 1-2 people. We will not be able to cater if the number of guests exceed that the capacity of the table; 
★ Minimum of 1 drink and 1 sweets per sit in customer;
★ A minimum noise level inside the tea house is required to maintain a relaxing atmosphere for all customers; 
★ Please be considerate of the peaceful atmosphere and other customers when taking photos (please mute the shutter sound);
★ Photo taking is limited to decoration, the tea or the sweets. Please refrain from taking selfies or photos with people in. And please spend less time in photos but more time to enjoy this space with your senses;
★ No filming;
★ Please enter and leave quietly to maintain the atmosphere of the teahouse house and to avoid disturbing the neighbours;
★ Each tea is prepared in front of you (apart from cold drinks) and hence it can be time consuming;
★ No shoes on the platform;
★ No outside food or drinks to be consumed inside the tea house (please refrain from bringing any take away food or drinks that has a strong smell or may spilt);
★ Please refrain from wearing strong perfume; 
★ In the case that you have reserved more than one table, please be aware that it is not allowed to combine two tables together. We do not encourage large groups;
★ All sweets are freshly prepared and available until sold out. There maybe a limited number of sweets items allowed per customer at busy times;
★ Take away customers will be required to queue outside of the teahouse. Although we will do our best to serve quickly, the main focus of the tea house is the sit in experience. Therefore queueing times cannot be guaranteed.