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Below is the list of items available for pre-order to be picked up directly from the tea house on the 25.11.2018 Sunday between 14:00-17:00.

1. Matcha nama choco spread jar (£8.50)

2. Matcha gateau au chocolat 14cm (£15.50)

3. Houjicha gateau au chocolat 14cm (£15.50)

4. Matcha nama choco box 9pcs (£12.50)

5. Houjicha nama choco box 9pcs (£12.50)

6. Matcha roll cake 12cm (£18)

7. Matcha roll cake 12cm (£18)

8. Matcha tart (£5.20 - minimum of two for each order)

9. Matcha purin (£5 - minumum of two jars)

*Nama choco spread and gateau au chocolat - to be consumed within one week
*Nama choco box - to be consumed within five day
*Roll cake ,tart and purin - to be consumed within two days


Collection day for November falls on a Sunday, which is not a usual opening day. The tea house is opened for collection as well as some take out drinks. Thank you for understanding!

Please be aware each item is limited in quantity and once we reach the maximum numbers we will be stop taking orders. Thank you for understanding!

Please check with us if you have any allergies for ingredients.


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Minimum of 2 jars per order
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